MailEnable Enterprise Guide
Appendix / Accessing web mail for automatic sign-on
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    Accessing web mail for automatic sign-on
    In This Topic

    Configure MailEnable to automatically login by using the following path syntax:




    It is possible make this page the startup page or home page within your browser. Also, consider using HTTPS if there is a certificate installed for the web server. This will avoid passwords being sent to the remote host in clear text.

    With the examples above the timezone from the client and the server are not applied and as such you may find in some situations that the message list for messages is not correct.  This can occur more often when there is a discrepancy due to any day light saving offsets.

    To overcome this you can add the following to the URL with the correct time zone:

    offset=-600 (remember the separator of &)


    This will pass a time offset of 10 hours for the client to use against the message header when displaying the list of messages.