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    SMTP - Advanced SMTP
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    Enable alternate catch-all header

    When mail is sent to an invalid recipient and they are specified as a BCC on the message, it is difficult for the mail administrator to know who should have received the message. The catch-all header allows you to specify the name of the message header field that is used to record any recipients that were delivered to the catch-all account. By default, MailEnable records this information into the Received By: message header; hence this setting is supplied to provide more control over how the information is recorded within the message. Only one copy of a message with multiple recipients is delivered to the catchall mailbox.

    Add required headers for authenticated senders if needed

    Some email clients or applications will not add a Message-ID or Date header line to their emails. Some mail servers require these items and will reject the email if they do not exist. By enabling this option, MailEnable will add the required lines (if they do not exist) to all users who are authenticated to relay through MailEnable.

    Inbound Authentication:

    Do not require authentication:

    This setting will enforce that no inbound authentication is required for remote senders that send to locally hosted MailEnable addresses.

    Require authentication for all connections:

    This setting will enforce authentication for all inbound connections. Any remote server that tries to send to a locally hosted address within MailEnable will require authentication.

    Authentication determined by postoffice:

    This setting will set the inbound authentication setting to be determined by the postoffice restriction settings. Please see the postoffice restrictions setting Any emails to this postoffice must come from authenticated connections for more information.

    Allowed SMTP Commands

    The list of SMTP commands that can be disabled are shown here. For example, it is possible to disable the EXPN, which displays all the emails of users in a group.

    External Script:

    This setting will execute a script during the SMTP transaction. The settings that can be enabled are:

    Enable script function for MAIL FROM command:

    This setting will execute a script during the SMTP MAIL FROM command.

    Enable script function for RCPT TO command:

    This setting will execute a script during the SMTP RCPT TO command.

    Enable script function for DATA command:

    This setting will execute a script during the SMTP DATA command.

    The Edit Script... button opens the editing script window. The editing window will contain example MailEnable variables that can be used within the script. Please consult within the API guide for more information.