MailEnable Enterprise Guide
Administration / Domain configuration / Autodiscover
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    In This Topic

    Each domain within MailEnable is able to provide its own Autodiscover results. This allows users to more easily configure their email client with the correct server and service details. In most cases users can just enter their email address and password in the client and the Autodiscovery feature will configure all the available services.

    To configure protocols available for a domain it is easiest to click the Detect... button. This will try to prefill the available services using the current DNS and service settings. Once this is done you can then edit each item by double clicking it. If a service is not listed that you want to add, click the Add... button.

    Once the autodiscover items are configured the handling of autodiscover still needs to be done, as explained below.

    Autodiscover works by having email client applications retrieve an XML file from the server which describes all the services and their options (such as whether SSL is used, port numbers, etc). In order to retrieve this XML file the email clients make various HTTP requests using the email address as a starting point. For example Microsoft Outlook would initially try for the email address A DNS SRV lookup may also be done to determine the URL to request the XML file.

    For ease, the steps to configure your server would depend on whether you are hosting the websites for the domains you are providing autodiscover for.

    Configuring Autodiscover for locally hosted websites

    If you have an IIS site configured for a domain you can use the following steps. You must have an SSL certificate for the IIS site if using this method.

    1) Run the MailEnable ActiveSync Management utility

    2) Click the IIS Integration tab

    3) Click the site you wish to configure autodiscover for an then click the Install Autodiscover button. The site you select must be accessible using So it must have an SSL certificate associated with the site.

    Configuring Autodiscover for domains which may not be local websites

    This method is also be OK to use if you host the sites locally. It does not require an SSL certificate.

    1) In your DNS create the A record (changing it to reflect the domain name being configured) and point it to the IP address of the server

    2) Under IIS, for the MailEnable Protocols site, add as a binding, to direct all requests to to this site