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Operational Procedures / Backing up and restoring data
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    Backing up and restoring data
    In This Topic

    MailEnable has a backup utility which is accessible through the Mail Enable > System Tools menu. This utility can pass /BACKUP as a parameter to use it as an automated command line backup utility. 

    There are three main areas where MailEnable stores configuration and user data:

    It is simple to backup and restore MailEnable. The most primitive way is to copy everything under the Program Files directory to an alternate location. MailEnable mostly uses flat files for configuration (by design) and therefore all messages and configuration are simple to backup.

    The only additional information to (optionally) backup is the information in the registry. The registry hosts server specific information (like connector settings, etc).

    To do this requires the registry editor (REGEDIT) to export the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mail Enable registry key (and all sub keys and values) to a reg file. More information on how to use the registry editor is available from Microsoft's Web Site.

    To recover the backup, stop all services, replace the directory tree from the backup and then import the saved registry file into the registry.

    More information about the backup utility and the various parameters can be found here in the following knowledgebase article:

    Information on how to automate backups with the MailEnable backup utility can be found within the following knowledgebase arrticle: