MailEnable Enterprise Guide
System Utilities / Backup utility
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    Backup utility
    In This Topic

     he Backup utility allows for both backup and restore of MailEnable to local disk. The backup utility is a basic tool that copies the configuration data and email data to another location in case of server failure. It will not back up the configuration data if MailEnable is configured to use MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server for configuration storage. It is recommended that you include the MailEnable directories as part of the normal server backup processes you should have in place. Since the email data is stored in plain text files, there is no special process to follow and they can be handled like any other files. 




    To backup MailEnable, select a descriptive name for the backup and select “Backup”.


    To restore an existing backup, select the back up set name from the drop down box and select “Restore”.

    Calculate size

    Calculates the maximum storage size required in the backup location to successfully backup the complete configuration.