MailEnable Enterprise Guide
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    Check mail services
    In This Topic

    There are various mail services installed with MailEnable. These services run in the background and handle the sending, receiving and distribution of email. Check that these services are running after the initial installation.

    Expand the Servers >localhost >System branch, and click Services. A list of services and their status should be displayed. 

    The icons indicate the status of the service:

    * Indicates that the corresponding service is running

    * Indicates the service is not running, or could not be started

    If a service is not running, it can be started by right clicking the service and selecting Start from the pop-up menu. The reason for a service failing to start will be displayed in the Status column. Failure of a service to start is usually due to another service running on the same port (such as the Microsoft SMTP Service).

    Make sure the services that could possibly be interfering with MailEnable are disabled. If a service fails to start, check its respective Debug log for more details of the failure.