MailEnable Enterprise Guide
Cluster Management / Connecting to a MailEnable Cluster
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    Connecting to a MailEnable Cluster
    In This Topic

    To connect to a MailEnable cluster, right click the MailEnable Management icon in the Administration program and select the option “Connect to a MailEnable Cluster”.  This will prompt for a username and password, and the server can be selected from the drop down box.  Select “Login” to connect to the server. The username and password that is used to connect to a cluster needs to be a mailbox that has SYSADMIN rights.

    Once you have connected to a cluster, servers will need to be added. This only needs to be done once on the machine from where the connection is made. Right click on the Servers icon in the administration program and select the Add Server… menu item. You will be prompted to enter the name of a server you wish to add to the cluster that is being administered. While the configuration data for mailboxes, domains and other items are global to the cluster, each server has its own configuration settings for services, agents and connectors. Not all features are available from remote administration, such as viewing log files.