MailEnable Enterprise Guide
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    Enterprise web mail features
    In This Topic

    The following features are available in the Enterprise web mail:

    • Configure web mail layout per domain
    • Configure web mail skin per domain     
    • Save items as draft     
    • Import contacts from Outlook and Outlook Express into web mail     
    • Configure filters via web mail
    • Manage personal calendar items     
    • Configure whether users can change passwords through web mail     
    • Global contacts     
    • Public folders     
    • Rich text editing     
    • Sub folders     
    • Mailbox spam rules/filtering          
    • New message notification     
    • Quota usage display     
    • Compose/view messages in a separate window

    Calendaring support

    MailEnable Enterprise Edition includes personal calendaring support, whereby a personal diary of appointments can be kept, as well as the ability to create meetings and invite others to attend.

    Import contacts into web mail

    The following is a list of field mappings that MailEnable uses when importing contacts into web mail. The first column is the text header that is looked for in the import file, and the second column is what MailEnable maps this to. The columns do not need to be in order.

    "E-MAIL"    Email address
    "E-MAIL ADDRESS" Email address (if empty, then E-mail field is used)
    "LAST NAME"  Last Name
    "FIRST NAME" First Name
    "TITLE"  Title
    "NAME" Full name (if empty, then First name plus Last name are used)
    "MIDDLE NAME" Middle name
    "BUSINESS PHONE" Phone Work
    "HOME PHONE"  Phone Home
    "MOBILE PHONE" Phone Mobile
    "BUSINESS FAX" Phone Work Fax
     "HOME FAX"   Phone Home Fax
    "COMPANY" Business
    "DEPARTMENT"   Department

    Be aware that when users generate CSV files for import, that if they are using non-English client applications, that the first row may not be in English. This will prevent the import from being able to correctly match the columns and create the contacts.

    Mailbox web mail filtering

    Web mail mailbox filtering allows the mailbox owner to define rules that are applied to messages when they are delivered to their mailbox. Filtering must be enabled for the mailbox in the administration program in order for this option to be available for users. See the Create Mailbox - Filters section for information on enabling filters.

    To access the mailbox filtering, open the Options page in web mail and select Filtering to open the filter list page. To create a new filter, follow these steps:

    1. Give the filter a name; type the name in the filter description field.
    2. Select the criteria to be used by the filter, by placing a tick in the tick box. (more than one criteria may be used.)
    3. Select an action to be used for when the criteria is met.
    4. Click on Apply to set the filter configuration.

    Filter criteria:



    Message To

    Filters any messages that contain email addresses specified in the Message To field. Generally used to filter recipient addresses.

    Message Cc

    Filters any messages that contain addresses that have been entered in the Cc criteria field. Used to filter out addresses in the Cc field.

    Message To and Cc

    Filters messages that have either the To field or the Cc field that contain addresses that have been entered in the To or Cc criteria fields. Same as To and Cc but it checks if any of the two fields has addresses.


    Filters any messages that have attached file extensions that have been specified in the attachment criteria field. Additional file extensions can be added to the list.

    Message subject contains

    Filters any messages that contain specific words entered into the Message subject criteria field.

    Message contains

    Filters any messages that contain specific words entered into the Message contains field. Filters out messages containing the words used in the criteria in the body of the message.