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    IMAP Service
    In This Topic

    IMAP4 is a mail protocol that allows users to be disconnected from the main messaging system and still be able to process mail. Users store copies of messages on a local machine or while the original stays on the server.

    IMAP has distinct advantages over POP because it allows management of multiple folders on the server. Mail can be accessed from different machines, as the mail is hosted on the server (unlike POP which deletes mail from the server after being accessed) and allows the user to just download message headers and envelope information, until the user selects the email to download. This is useful when operating over slow speed dial-up connections.

    IMAP4 can break up and download specific parts of a multi-part email message (MIME). This means that instead of having to wait for an email with attachments to download, it is possible to select only the text portion to download, and leave the attachments on the server.