MailEnable Enterprise Guide
Using MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server / Initializing the Repository
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    Initializing the Repository
    In This Topic

    When the Provider Migration Utility is run it will present a dialog as shown below:


    From the list, select the repository to configure by selecting the corresponding Provider Name and clicking the Properties button. When clicking on the provider, the following dialog should be shown:


    The dialog allows you to configure the System DSN for the database connection. You can enter the username and password to use and the server to connect to. Do not change the database name, as it must be called MailEnable. If you have multiple drivers available for the database type, then you can also change this. When you click the OK button the application will create the 23-bit and 64-bit System DSNs for the connection.

    Once the DSN has been created, you can click the Initialize button to create the database. If it already exists you will be prompted if you wish to overwrite the existing database. This will delete all the information stored in the database.