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    Integrated Mailbox Calendar
    In This Topic

    Integrated mailbox calendars allows you to access the personal calendar for a mailboxes. Either the iCalendar publishing method or CalDAV can be used to do this.

    If using the iCalendar publishing/subscribing method, each time an update is done all the appointments are redone on the server. This will overwrite any appointments which are added outside the client uploading the iCalendar file.

    Using a more intelligent client, which can use the CalDAV protocol, allows changes made in the client to be applied to the calendar in real time. ie: If you make changes to a calendar via CalDAV, only change is sent up to the server and applied.

    A variety of permissions can be configured for accessing calendars via CalDAV, and these are set in the webmail options, under the Shares, by setting the permissions on the Calendar folder (similar to how you would configure permissions for other webmail users).

    The following table lists URLs used for connecting to mailbox calendars via CalDAV:




    Connects to a mailbox calendar via CalDAV. You will need to supply a username and password of the mailbox being accessed.


    Connects to a specific mailbox calendar via CalDAV. Authentication may not be needed depending on the permissions the mailbox user has set.

    Note: If you are accessing your own calendar, you can omit the Mailbox@Postoffice portion as the mail client will prompt for credentials and will use the credentials to identify the associated mailbox calendar.