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In This Topic
    LDAP properties
    In This Topic

    Settings Description

    All E-Mail Addresses:

    Will return results based on all mapped email addresses within a postoffice

    Directory Contents (Default):

    Will return results based on directory members (Global contact list)

    Default mailbox addresses (aliases as proxyaddresses):

    Will return results using the default email address for a mailbox. All other mapped email addresses for the mailbox are returned as "proxyaddress" attributes. Selecting this option also shows two more available options:

    Also return mail attribute as proxyaddress:

    Normally the default email address is not also returned as a proxyaddress. This option returns the default email address also as a proxyaddress attribute.

    Return directory entries for those without mailboxes:

    Also returns all the email addresses in the global directory, even if they have no attached local mailbox.

    Allow users to view personal contacts Allows users to access their personal contacts on the server with an LDAP client.
    Enable debug logging When enabled, LDAP will create a debug log in the Mail Enable\logging directory called openldap.log.