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    List Server Connector
    In This Topic

    The List Server connector is mostly configurable through the creation and management of particular lists as described earlier in this manual.



    Generate posting failure notifications

    By ticking this box, if a message is sent to a list and is rejected due to sender being rejected or incorrect password, then a posting failure notification is sent.  Disabling this feature can help reduce traffic where spammers have sent to the address and used a forged email address.

    Add List-Unsubscribe Header A header line that includes unsubscribe details is added to each email sent from the list server. Some email clients support this and will give an easy unsbuscribe option. For example Hotmail will display a link which a receiver just has to click in order to unsibscribe.
    Send bulk email and spam messages to Bad Mail Messages that arrive to a list and have been detected as spam will be sent to the Bad Mail folder.

    Advanced Logging

    This setting allows the logging of list activity and any problems that may arise.  To improve speed and to not create logs disable the activity and debug logs.