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    Localhost - Auditing
    In This Topic

    Auditing logs various server activity to .




    Event auditing is enabled for services

    Event auditing allows users to see activity on their mailbox through their webmail client interface. Items logged are activities like email deletion, moves, delivery, etc.

    Record times for last login activity

    When a user authenticates, a file is written into the directory below, indicating whether the login was successful or not:

    Config\Postoffices\[postoffice]\mailboxes\[mailbox]\Login-Success.txt for a successful login and

    Config\Postoffices\[postoffice]\mailboxes\[mailbox]\Login-Failure.txt for a failed login

    The last modified date of the file indicates the date/time of the login attempt. When event auditing is enabled. the mailbox properties page will indicate the last login time.

    Audit changes to postoffice mailboxes

    Adds, edits and deletes of mailboxes using the API (which includes the administration program and 3rd party scripts or programs) are logged for each postoffice. The log file is located at:


    It is a text file with the name AUDIT-YYMMDD.log

    It contains the data and time of the mailbox change, the change made, and the mailbox name. The change in the log file is represented by numbers, so

    [111.5] is a mailbox creation

    [112.5] is a mailbox deletion

    [113.5] is a mailbox edit (an edit is where the mailbox name, redirection, quota or status is edited)