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Appendix / Log analyser
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    Log analyser
    In This Topic

    The log analyser is a useful tool that is installed with MailEnable. It simplifies analysis of the server logs and provides an overview of any errors and displays causes and fixes for these. The log analyser retrieves the latest help information from the MailEnable website.

    Run the log analyzer by accessing the Start > Program Files > Mail Enable > System Tools > Log Analyzer menu. The various log files in the log path are displayed to the left. To view events in a log, click the filename. The program will scan the file for all the events and display these in the top right section. Select the item for more information concerning the event, along with a display of the instance in the log. Select the More Information button to be taken to the MailEnable website for further details.

    To match up the item in the debug log with the actual data conversation between the MailEnable server and the remote application, select the instance item. It may take a few moments to scan through the activity log to find the match, depending on how large the log files are.

    Some errors will always be seen if the server is connected to the Internet. People will try to relay through the server, timeout and connection issues can occur, and users can mistype email addresses when sending messages, which will all display in the logs. The number of errors that occur in the debug log is show in the square brackets in the box labeled Significant Event Instances. This gives a good indication of the severity of the event.