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In This Topic
    Mailbox - Web mail
    In This Topic

    These options provide mailbox level options for Web Mail. The settings on this tab can also be set at the global level under the Web mail - Site Options.

    Setting Explanation

    Folder, Tasks, and Calendar Sharing

    Enables Folder, Task and Calendar sharing for the mailbox.

    Sharing is disabled: Disables sharing for the mailbox.

    Sharing is enabled: Enables sharing for the mailbox.

    Public Folder Modifications Permitted

    Determines whether public folder is read only.

    Editing of public folders is not permitted: Disables Public Folders for the mailbox.

    Editing of public folders is permitted: Enables Public Folders for the mailbox.

    FileStore (MyFiles)

    This option enables the FileStorage option. 

    Filestore is disabled: Disables File Storage for the mailbox.

    Filestore is enabled: Enables File storage for the mailbox.

    Require Spellcheck on emails before sending:

    This option determines whether messages need to spell checked before sending.

    Require spellcheck disabled: Disables the spellchecking before sending for the mailbox.

    Require spellcheck is enabled: Enables the spellchecking before sending for the mailbox.