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    Mailbox - Actions
    In This Topic

    The actions tab allows for the configuration of auto responders and delivery events.



    Enable auto responder

    Enabling this will send a message back to anyone who sends an email to the mailbox. The auto responder will not reply to a message marked as bulk or system generated.  It is not possible to enable auto responders for the postmaster mailbox.

    Only send responses between these times You are able to limit the autoresponder to only reply to emails between specific date/times.

    Enable delivery event

    Allows a program to be executed on every message when it is delivered to a mailbox. The command line executed is:

    program messagefilename connectortype

    Where program is the program filename, messagefilename is the name of the message file and connectortype is the type of messages (i.e. SMTP, LS, SF). Be aware that the directory path to the message is not passed to the program. The program will need to read the directory path from the Windows registry.

    The path to the message for the delivery event can be built from values retrieved from the Windows registry. The following registry key returns the root path of the messages queues for a server:

    For a 64bit Windows server:

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Mail Enable\Mail Enable\Connectors\Connector Root Directory

    For a 32bit Windows server:

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Mail Enable\Mail Enable\Connectors\Connector Root Directory

    To get the full path to the postoffice connector queue, which is holding the message for the delivery event, append the text "\SF\Outgoing\Messages" to the value retrieved. The parent of this folder has the command file for the message if required. Be aware that the path to the message file is different for the MTA pickup event, so scripts or external programs would have to be modified accordingly. 

    By default the delivery event will not execute for any messages marked as bulk. Bulk messages are mostly system generated messages such as delivery failures, delivery reports, and autoresponder replies. Messages from list servers may also not execute the delivery event. If you need to execute the delivery event on every message you can enable the Postoffice Connector option Execute delivery event on bulk/system messages which is found under the Postoffice Connector settings.