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    Mailbox - Addresses
    In This Topic

    When creating a mailbox, email addresses are created for all the domains available in the post office. For instance, for the domain, if a mailbox called ‘sales’ was created, the email address would be automatically created.

    To create new email addresses, selecting the Addresses tab at the top of the mailbox properties window. A list of the current email addresses will be shown.

    In order to add another email address for this mailbox, click the Add Email button. The first text box, Enter email name is where the first part of the email address is entered. E.g. to add, only requires the word sales to be entered.  The full address of the email being added is displayed in the window.

    The Available Domains list box in this window lists domains that are entered via the Create Domain icon. MailEnable can only add email addresses for the available domains in each post office account. For the purpose of this guide we have entered only one domain. In cases where there is more than one domain in a client’s post office account, these domains will appear in this list box. It is then possible to select the appropriate and then entering the email name that is required. Select OK on the Add Emails window when the address has been entered. It will now appear in the mappings list.

    Select OK on the Mailbox Properties window as your mailbox has now been configured



    Friendly Name

    The Friendly Name is used as the display name for emails sent via web mail and for the sender for auto-responder messages. When sending messages from email clients, the friendly name is configured within the client application, not on the server.

    Reply To Address

    This address is used as the reply to address for auto responders.

    Email Addresses for Mailbox

    Each mailbox can have one or more email address mapped to it. Use the Add Email… button to add new email addresses. It is only possible to add an email that matches an existing domain for the post office. When first creating a mailbox, MailEnable will automatically create email addresses for each of the domains for the post office.