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In This Topic
    Mailbox - POP Retrieval
    In This Topic

    View remote or local mailboxes that have been configured for POP retrieval by the currently selected mailbox.  The administrator can add and configure POP Retrieval from here, or a user may do so via the web mail interface, if permission to do so has been granted.  If the feature is disabled in the Administration program only the administrator or accounts with access to Administration program can create a POP Retrieval account. See the Web mail server configuration section for more information on this setting.



    Current POP retrieval items

    Displays any remote or local mailboxes that have been configured to have their mail pulled down into this local mailbox.

    Add Mailbox

    The POP Retrieval service can connect to another mailbox and pull any mail in the mailbox into this local mailbox.  This is useful to centralize mail receipt over many accounts and across many domains.

    To set up an account the following details are required;

    Mail Server – This is the MX record or DNS name of the remote server e.g..

    Port – This is the port that is used to connect to the remote server. The default for this is port 110

    Username – This is the username of the account. If it is a MailEnable mailbox this must be mailbox@postofficename

    Password – The password for the account.

    This server requires APOP authentication - APOP (Authenticated POP) is an extension of the standard POP3 protocol. Authenticating to a POP server will mean the username and password are both encrypted by the client before being passed "over the Internet".  The receiving server must then be able to decrypt the password.

    Only download new messages (leave messages on server) – Will download messages leaving a copy on the server.

    Enabled – This setting allows the enabling or disabling of a POP retrieval service account.  Disabling the account will retain the settings but will stop the account retrieving mail.