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    Message Tracking
    In This Topic

    The message routing trace utility provides an interface to track messages through MailEnable. It is a useful tool to determine whether a message was accepted by the server and as to where it was directed to.



    Date (mandatory)

    Date is formatted in YYMMDD format (e.g. 5th September 2006 = 060905). Use the dropdown menu to select the respective date

    Search backwards through all previous logs available:

    When this option is ticked the utility will trace in reverse order. It will first start from the date/time the message was delivered to the recipient mailbox back to when the message was first accepeted by the MailEnable server.

    Eg: postoffice connector logs > MTA agent logs > SMTP connector logs


    Enter the sender’s email address.

    Recipient (optional)

    Enter the recipient’s email address

    Backtrace Message from Outgoing Queue to Origin When this option is ticked the utility will trace any messages that are sitting in the SMTP outgoing queue back to origin based on the sender or recipient addresses of the message.
    Cancel Search... Cancels the search process
    Show Transaction... Displays the SMTP transaction only
    Trace Message... Will trace through all MailEnable log files from the SMTP transaction to mailbox delivery.

    Information on how to track messages as they pass through the MailEnable services can be found within the following knowledgebase article:

    Note: The MailEnable Message tracking utility is provided within the Professional and Enterprise installation kits. MailEnable standard users will need to manually download the utility from the following link: