MailEnable Enterprise Guide
Using MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server / Migrating data between providers
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    Migrating data between providers
    In This Topic

    At this stage MailEnable is configured to use both Tab Delimited Files, as well as the ability to store its configuration in Microsoft SQL Server. The Microsoft SQL Server repository will contain no data.

    This utility exports the data from Tab Delimited Files to SQL Server. To export the data, select the Options button and then select the fields to migrate into the database.

    Unless there is a specific reason for not doing so, select all fields and click OK.


    Now the data is ready to be initialized.  This is where the database backend is configured, where tables and data fields are created.  This action is required is to activate the new provider.

    Once the Apply Changes button is selected, a dialog should be displayed that shows the status of the migration.

    Note: It is good practice to compare the contents of the tables in SQL Server with the contents of the respective TAB files after an export is done.


    The next step is to populate the database tables/fields that were created within the initialization routine with the data that was stored within the old tab delimited files.  This may take several minutes if there is a substantial amount of data to be moved.


    The final step is to activate the database. This is the most intricate part of the migration, as the process informs all the relevant engines that the Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or Tab Delimited files are to be used from this point onwards.

    Once this has been completed, restart all MailEnable services including closing the administration program. It is advisable to reboot the server after this change as all registry settings are converted at this time.

    Reverting to the former configuration provider

    It is possible to revert back to your former configuration provider by selecting the provider in the list, and then clicking the Populate button followed by the Activate button.

    Close the provider migration program and restart all MailEnable Services. It is advisable to reboot the server after this change.

    Note:  Most issues of database connectivity will be caused by one of the following:

    • Security/Permissions – Ensure that MailEnable has permission to access the Database
    • Environmental Issues (e.g.: Multilingual issues)
    • Network Connectivity – Network failures can be displayed in the Windows event log viewer.