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    Mobile Webmail - Properties
    In This Topic

    The Mobile Web mail properties window can be accessed by navigating within the administration console to: Servers > Localhost > Services >Mobile Webmail. Right click on Mobile Webmail and select properties. 

    Settings Description
    Host Name

    The host name is the domain name users type in their web browser to access the web mail. You may wish to give the web mail a URL similar to A DNS entry has to be created in order to direct users to the IIS server.

    IP Address

    The address that the host header will be bound to. The DNS entry for the host name has to therefore point to this IP address.


    The port that the host header will listen on

    Default Postoffice Sets the default postoffice to be used for the web mail host header

    Note: The Mobile Web mail interface requires the Microsoft 3.0 .NET Framework to be installed on the server.