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    Localhost - Web Services
    In This Topic

    MailEnable Web Services allow remote programs to configure the MailEnable Messaging Platform. The Web Service allows mailboxes to be created and managed. Tools that support making SOAP calls can be used to remotely access the server via the Web Services interface.

    By default accessing the web services requires a username and password. These credentials are for any mailbox which has been configured as SYSADMIN. If you double click a mailbox in the administration program to view the mailbox details, you can select SYSADMIN as mailbox type. Only system administrators should be set as this level, as it allows that mailbox to edit the MailEnable configuration, through web admin or web services.

    Web services are accessed through Microsoft IIS, under the MailEnable Protocols website. If you run the IIS Manager on the server you will see the MailEnable Protocols site, and configure a host name for it to make it easier to access. When you access the web services, this is done under the WebServices directory, and the available page names are below, which map to MailEnable objects:












    You can access the pages in a web browser to get more information about what options are available. For further details through, please see the MailEnable API documentation, as you may have to do multiple calls to do the one task. For example, creating a mailbox requires a login to be created, a mailbox, and any address maps.