MailEnable Enterprise Guide
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    Option Files
    In This Topic

    Several options for post offices and mailboxes are held in option files in the MailEnable\Config directory and subdirectories. These option files have the .sys filename extension and are plain text files which can be edited in Notepad. Each user, post office, and server has its own file that contains relevant options.  Most of these are configurable through the MailEnable administration program, so the files do not usually need to be edited.

    It is possible to create default configurations for mailboxes and post offices in MailEnable by editing the base sys files that are used when a new mailbox or post office is created.

    Whenever a new post office is created through the MailEnable administration program, it copies the configuration items from the Mail Enable\Config\Postoffices\Postoffice.SYS and Mail Enable\Config\Postoffices\Mailbox.sys files. When a new mailbox is created through the administration program, it copies its settings from this post office copy (which resides in Mail Enable\Config\Postoffices\[postoffice]\Mailbox.sys. This way, it is possible to create the web administration program and the base functions that developers may use. Do not copy these configuration files; it is up to the developer to copy or set the defaults if they wish.

    Note: The option file method for preconfigured options will not work if the configuration repository if configured to run on a database.