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    Microsoft Outlook Synchronisation
    In This Topic

    This utility allows appointments, contacts and tasks to be propagated between Microsoft Outlook and MailEnable. 

    For example, creating an appointment in Microsoft Outlook and using the MailEnable Sync Utility will show the appointment within MailEnable’s web mail.  Similarly, creating tasks, appointments or contacts within the MailEnable web mail interface can also be synchronized to appear within Outlook.

    It is possible to select items to synchronize; select tasks, appointments and/or contacts and only these items will be synchronized.  Select when to synchronize - manually, on start-up/shutdown of Outlook, MailEnable will detect what has been updated and automatically synchronize these items.


    Setting Description
    Host Name The Host Name is the name or IP address of the MailEnable mail server/web mail server that provides access to your e-mail. It is usually the same host name that you would use to access your e-mail via web mail.
    Username The username is your MailEnable username as you would use to access web mail. It is normally formatted as MailboxName@Postoffice, unless the post office is the default post office for the system, in which case you can simply just use the 'MailboxName' alone.
    Password The password is your MailEnable password as you would use when accessing your MailEnable hosted e-mail.
    Store The message store is the Outlook root folder that you wish to synchronize with MailEnable. Normally, you would use the Outlook default message store (which is the message store that appears with a house icon under your Outlook folders). If you are unsure as to which store to specify, configure this setting as the “Default Message Store”.
    Synchronization Direction The synchronization direction determines the way MailEnable and Outlook are synchronized. There are 3 different settings:

    1. Both Directions – when you make any change to an appointments, tasks or contacts (either through MailEnable or Outlook) both will be synchronized with these updates. For example, if you delete an appointment within Outlook, it will also be removed from the MailEnable server.
    2. Server to Client - Outlook be updated with new appointments, tasks or contacts that are added or modified on the server (but changes you make in outlook are not updated to the server).
    3. Client to Server – MailEnable will be updated with any appointments that are made within Outlook, however changes made to the server will not be applied to the client.
    Items You should check the items that you wish to synchronize with MailEnable. Only those items checked will be synchronized with the server.
    Troubleshooting By selecting this option, the utility will produce a log file into the MailEnable BIN directory. This log file will list the actions performed during the synchronization. It may also contain any errors that have occurred
    Synchronize on Start-up By enabling this setting, the MailEnable Outlook Synchronization Utility will synchronize when Outlook starts.
    Synchronize on Shutdown By enabling this setting, the MailEnable Outlook Synchronization Utility will synchronize when Outlook closes.


    Microsoft Outlook 2000-2007

    MailEnable Enterprise Edition v 3.0 or later


    Outlook is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation

    MailEnable is a trademark of MailEnable Pty. Ltd.

    The MailEnable Outlook Synchronization Utility is governed by the same licensing terms supplied with MailEnable product.