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    POP Retrieval Connector
    In This Topic

    The POP Retrieval connector can retrieve email from remote POP sites and deliver to local mailboxes.  Administrators are able to configure this through the administration program, and if enabled for web mail, users can configure it for their own mailboxes.

    Using the Administration program, access the POP Retrieval Connector properties by expanding the Servers > Localhost  >Connectors branch.

    Right click on the POP Retrieval icon and select Properties. The options are explained below:

    Note: Do not configure POP Retrieval to pull email down from the local server.



    Poll Interval

    The delay between polling the remote mail server.

    Max. number of threads

    The maximum number of threads that the polling agent uses to poll remote mailboxes.

    Days to keep history

    In order to stop downloading the same email every time a poll is performed, MailEnable keeps a history of the messages downloaded from each server. In order to conserve resources, it is possible to specify how many days to keep this history of messages.

    Add received header to retrieved emails

    Emails retrieved via the POP Retrieval connector will be ordered in email clients at the time that they arrive in MailEnable. To avoid this, disabling this option will order them in the time that the arrived at the remote mail server.

    Enable logging

    Enables logging for the service.

    Advanced Logging

    This is the configuration and the enabling of each log namely the activity, debug and W3C.