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    Postoffice connector - General
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    When mailbox has reached quota

    Specify what occurs when a mailbox’s quota is exceeded.  Determine whether the user is notified of the quota issue and whether the message is returned to the sender, or, sent to the postmaster for that post office.

    Send incoming email to the Postmaster mailbox: Redirects the email message that would put the mailbox over quota to the postmaster mailbox for the postoffice.

    Send notifications only: Will send a notification message and not the entire message.


    Notifications when quota is reached

    Configure what notifications are sent when a quota is reached, such options such as, notify sender only, notify sender and mailbox and send no notifications.

    Quota enumeration

    When a mailbox is at its quota, it can be calculated in two different ways.

    1. Only Inbox folder counts towards quota
    2. All users mail folders counts towards quota (Example: Sent Items, Drafts, Inbox)

    Auto responders enabled

    When this setting is enabled there are two selections;

    1. The default setting to “Always respond to the sender”
    2. Send one response per sender per day can help reduce the problem of spammers generating unnecessary mail.  Also if a sender needs to send to a MailEnable mailbox that has an auto responder configured, then they will not receive more than one auto-responder per day.

    If the check box is cleared then the auto responder feature is disabled. This can aid in the diagnosis of mail loops or any possible auto responder issues.

    NDR Generation

    The postoffice connector may deliver non-delivery receipts if a mailbox is disabled or unavailable. You can enable or disable this, or have it use the SMTP settings for NDR generation.

    Redirection handling

    Redirection handling has the following settings:

    1. Normal redirection - will redirect emails. Redirected emails have the envelope sender of the original message preserved.
    2. Remail from mailbox address - will redirect and send using the default email address for the mailbox. If a default address has not been set, the first address found for the mailbox will be used. This option will help prevent rejections from remote servers who are using SPF checking.
    3. Disable all redirections – will prevent any redirections configured for a mailbox from working.
    4. Redirect as an attachment - will attach the original message to a new message indicating that the attachment is a forwarded message.
    Execute delivery event on bulk/system messages Allows delivery events to be executed on all messages arriving to a mailbox. By default system generated messages, such as notifications, are excluded from having the delivery event executed.