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In This Topic
    Postoffice Mailbox Clean-Up Agent settings
    In This Topic

    The Mailbox Cleanup Agent cleans mailboxes by deleting old messages meeting specified criteria.

    Settings Description
    Properties.. Used to open the properties window for each criteria. Highlight a criteria in the list and then click on the properties button. Alternatively you can double click on each criteria to open the same properties window.
    Close Closes the Mailbox Clean-Up Agent settings window

    Folder Cleanup Properties

    Settings Description
    Delete Messages meeting the following criteria Enables the Mailbox Clean-Up Agent for the folder
    Delete messages older than days The Mailbox Clean-Up Agent will delete any messages older then the specified value in days
    Delete Unread Messages Enables the option for the Mailbox Clean-Up Agent to delete unread messages


    Note: For more information about how to edit the polling times for the Postoffice Agents please see the Management service - Mailbox Clean-Up Agent section of this manual