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In This Topic
    Postoffice - Web Admin
    In This Topic

    Configures feature availability for web administration users for each post office.  Further information on web administration can be found in the Web administration section.



    Enable web administration for Post Office

    Enables web administration for the current post office.

    Can create and edit mailboxes

    Allows mailboxes to be created and edited in web administration.

    Maximum no. of mailboxes

    Specify the maximum number of mailboxes that can be created for this post office.

    Maximum and default mailbox size

    Enforces a mailbox size for each newly created mailbox in web administration. This setting can be disabled or changed for each mailbox in the mailbox properties – see the Create mailbox - General section.

    Can select mailbox size (up to the default value)

    Grants the web administrator the ability to create a quota for the post office mailboxes up to the configured default size.

    Can create and edit lists

    Grants the web administrator the ability to create lists in web administration.

    Maximum number of lists

    Sets the maximum number of lists a web administrator can create.

    Maximum number of addresses in each list.

    Limits the number of addresses a web administrator can add to a created list.

    Can add, edit and remove domains

    Allows the admin the ability to add and remove domains in the web administration page.

    Can brand web mail and web administration Allows the admin to brand webmail and web administration by changing the login logo and the banner logo.
    Can add, edit and remove directory entries Allows the admin to manage directory entries.