MailEnable Enterprise Guide
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    In This Topic

    MailEnable's PowerShell interface allows system administrators and developers to manage MailEnable via PowerShell. Administrators can perform typical actions via scripts and can develop and extend these to these commands via scripting. PowerShell significantly improves automation and integrated management of MailEnable.



    You can launch PowerShell either by:

    1. Selecting Windows PowerShell from the Start screen, or:
    2. Selecting Windows PowerShell from the taskbar.


    Once PowerShell opens, use the following command to add the MailEnable PowerShell Commands:

    Add-PSSnapin MailEnable.Provision.Command

    You can then issue specific commands depending on the area of MailEnable you wish to configure. The first command to issue is the Help command. It provides a comprehensive list of the settings that can be manipulated via PowerShell.

    Example: PS> Get-MailEnablePlatform -Help "*"

    The asterisk tells PowerShell to return all settings.

    You can also filter them by simply providing part of the setting name.

    Example: PS>Get-MailEnablePlatform -Help "Skin"
    SettingId : sysSkinCatalogueEnabled
    SettingType : MailEnablePlatform
    SettingDataType : dword
    SettingControl : 0=Disabled, 1=Enabled
    Purpose : Determines whether the Management Console shows an online skin catalogue

    The Help command returns the SettingId (the name of the setting), and the SettingType (which is the Command that is used to Set it).

    For more information, please refer to the PowerShell reference at: