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    Quota Notification Agent
    In This Topic

    To access the Quota notification agent, navigate to MailEnable Management  > Servers > localhost > Services > Management, select the Quota notification agent from the right panel. Quota notifications are dispatched to all mailboxes on the server that exceed their quota.  It is possible to configure whether or not quota notifications are enforced for the nominated post offices.  See the Postoffice - Agents for information on configuring quota notifications per post office.



    Enable Quota Notification Agent on this server

    Quota notifications can be enabled or disabled for the server.

    Quota notification interval

    The quota notification interval determines how often the server will check for mailboxes that exceed quota. When a mailbox exceeds the quota, a message informing the user is placed in the Inbox for that mailbox. Only one notification message will appear in the Inbox, and if the mailbox remains over quota, this message will have its date changed so it appears as the most recent message. In order to check quotas, the service needs to examine the details for each user, which can be both time and resource intensive. It is recommended to time this so that it occurs only at off-peak times every few days, depending on the number of users configured on the server.