MailEnable Enterprise Guide
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    Remote Administration
    In This Topic

    Remote administration uses the MailEnable Administration program to remotely connect to and manage servers. In order to remotely manage a server, MailEnable Enterprise Edition’s Management Service needs to be installed and configured on the backend MailEnable Server. See the Remote Management Agent section for more information on configuring the remote management agent.

    To connect to a remote server, right click on the MailEnable Management icon and selecting Connect to MailEnable Cluster from the popup menu. This will prompt for authentication details as seen in the diagram below. To authenticate against a remote server, it is required to use a mailbox name that has its rights set to SYSADMIN.

    Since a cluster can involve one or more servers, specify these servers when first connecting (the server that is being connected to is automatically added). Once these other hosts have been added, they are saved and will automatically appear when you next connect to the remote server. To add a new host, right click on the Servers item in the administration program and select Add host from the popup menu.