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In This Topic
    Remote Management Agent
    In This Topic

    Options for configuring Remote Management are available by right clicking on the MailEnable Management  > Servers > localhost > Services > Management icon.

    Remote administration will allow connection to a remote machine or cluster machine via the MailEnable administration interface. These remote servers can be added to the administration program (MMC) for ease of access, and they can then be managed in the same manner as a local machine using the MailEnable Administration program.  The remote management services do not have the same complete functionality as local server management but most management features can be configured using the remote service.



    Remote Administration Enabled

    Enables the remote administration feature of MailEnable and binds the service to the specified port.  This feature allows access and configuration of a remote server using the administration program.

    Maximum number of concurrent connections

    Limits the threads or connections that are available for this service on the bound port.

    Listen Port

    The port that the service can listen on. (Default 8081)

    Debug Log

    All purging and notification actions will be logged to a debug log.

    IP Addresses to bind to

    Select the IP addresses that the Remote Admin service will be bound to. On a multi-homed machine it may be desirable to only allow connections on particular IP addresses.