MailEnable Enterprise Guide
Installation / Upgrading / Replace configuration files
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    Replace configuration files
    In This Topic

    The default setting of the installation is to Preserve Existing Configuration Data. Leave this option selected to retain current data and settings when upgrading to a newer version of MailEnable.  To overwrite your configuration with clean installation, (i.e. do not retain post office or mailbox data) select the Overwrite Configuration Data option.

    The installation has the option to Backup Configuration Data BACKUP Directory.  Selecting this will ensure that the configuration repositories are backed up, which is always good practice. If you are using a database for configuration storage, this is not backed up.

    Simply follow the installation wizard, verifying the settings until the wizard completes. It may be required to reboot your sever at the end of the upgrade. The underlying configuration data and options are essentially the same for all MailEnable versions.

    Note: MailEnable Enterprise by default uses the same configuration data and options as Standard and Professional, but has two-way migration wizards for changing the configuration provider (i.e. you are able to migrate data back and forth between the default TAB delimited configuration files and the database). See the Migrating data between providers section for more information.