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    SMS Addresses
    In This Topic

    An SMS address is an address that is mapped to a Mobile phone number. Any messages received to that address are processed by the SMS connector. Please see SMS connector for more information about SMS configuration.

    How to create an SMS address

    1. Navigate within the administration console to: MailEnable Management > Messaging Manager > Post Offices > (Postofficename) > SMS Addresses
    2. Right click on SMS and select: New SMS address...
    3. Enter a phone number.
    4. Set the email address that will be used for this phone number. Messages addresses to this email address will be converted to SMS and sent.
    5. Click OK to save the address.
    Note: Edit an existing address by double clicking on the address or right clicking on an address and selecting properties.
    Note: To Delete an address, right click on an address and select Delete.