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    SMS Connector
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    MailEnable Enterprise Edition includes an SMS connector to allow you to send SMS messages from MailEnable. Mail messages can be queued to an SMS message queue where they are picked up by the SMS connector for pre-processing and delivery as an SMS message. MailEnable has the ability to throttle the usage of the SMS connector and to procure message contents before they are converted to SMS.


    To configure SMS messaging, open the MailEnable administration program and go to Servers | <Host-name> | Connectors, right-click on SMS and choose Properties.

    Available options

    SMS Gateway Configuration

    The following gateways are available, with the following options:


    The generic gateway option allows SMS messages to be sent using devices (such as phones) connected to the local machine. Configuring the generic gateway will initiate a search for such devices, which can then be selected for sending.


    Clickatell allows SMS messages to be sent using a Clickatell account (see for further information). The following options must be configured: