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    Scripted Filtering
    In This Topic

    Scripted filtering provides a flexible and extensible means of creating complex filters. The scripting language used is similar to Microsoft VBScript and includes an in-built function for validating criteria. The variable called FilterResult is used as the return value from the filter and can be set at any time in the script. A FilterResult value of 0 indicates that the filter criteria were not met while a value of 1 indicates that the filter criteria were met, and the associated actions for the filter will be executed. The script that is created should be viewed as the contents of a function.

    Criteria within scripts can be formed using literal values or tests.  Literal values are tokens that are placed in the script and are substituted with their corresponding value.  For example, a literal value of [ME_SIZE] can be placed directly in the script for comparison and will be substituted with the message size when the filter is executed.  Tests are performed using the inbuilt CriteriaMet function, and is used for non-numeric values, such as when string comparisons are being made.