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In This Topic
    SyncML Synchronization Data
    In This Topic

    The MailEnable SyncML synchronization data is stored under the Config folder of the MailEnable installation folder.

    A SyncML folder is created directly under the Config folder by the SyncML server. It stores synchronization information such as client devices’ last synchronization time, capabilities of client devices and also capabilities of the SyncML server.

    File Information
    SyncMLDevices.xml This file is created and updated (after every successful synchronization session with a client device) by the MailEnable SyncML server.
    It stores each client device’s synchronization data, i.e. Next and Last synchronization time, client Datastore names for Contacts, Calendar and Tasks, and other properties of the client device (e.g. ‘MaxMsgSize’).


    If this file is missing the MailEnable SyncML server will assume that no previous syncs were done between the client device so on the next sync request from the client device the server will attempt to perform a SLOW SYNC, whereby the server requests all data items from the client device and also sends back all of its server data items.

    This may cause duplication of data on the server and client device.

    The SyncML server also saves other sync data in this folder. Each Postoffice will have its own folder under here and a folder for each account being synchronized will be created under that Postoffice.

    E.g. /Config/Postoffices/SyncML/MailEnable/Bob will be created for the account Bob which belongs to the MailEnable Postoffice.

    An XML file will be created for each Datastore (Contacts, Calendar or Tasks) being synchronized, each file holding information about the items that the SyncML server knows currently exist in that Datastore.

    Via Webmail:

    1. Login to the mailbox via Webmail and go to the Options tab
    2. Click on Advanced > SyncML Devices
    3. Each client device that has successfully synced with the server will be listed there and its corresponding sync cache data can be deleted via the Clear Cache link next to it.

    Via the server’s file system:

    1. Go to the ‘/Config/Postoffices/SyncML/MyPostoffice/MyMailbox’ folder under the MailEnable installation folder; where MyPostoffice and MyMailbox is the corresponding postoffice and mailbox

    2.      Delete all the corresponding XML files for each DataStore (e.g. ‘[MyDeviceID]-Calendar.xml’, ‘[MyDeviceID]-Contacts.xml’, and ‘[MyDeviceID]-Tasks.xml’)

    3.      Go to the ‘Devices’ folder directly under the current folder

    Delete the corresponding DevData XML file with matching client device ID.

    CAUTION: Deleting SyncMLDevices.xml will cause ALL previous information about SynML synchronizations with ALL client devices to be lost.