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    Synchronization - HTTPMail
    In This Topic

    HTTPMail is a protocol that Microsoft used for connecting Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express to Hotmail a few years ago. HTTPMail provided an alternative to using POP, IMAP, and SMTP, and had advantages such as being able to be used over the standard web page port (80). Since those clients are no longer supported by Microsoft, and Hotmail no longer uses the protocol, it is not recommended to configure new users to use this.




    Enable public folders for post offices

    Public Folders allow one or more mailboxes under the post office to share data (messages in a folder that is seen by all mailboxes in the post office.)

    Anything placed in this folder (Program Files\MailEnable\Post Offices\[Post Office Name]\Pubroot) will become visible to all other mailboxes in the post office.  This feature must be enabled for the post office in Post Office Properties. Please see Postoffice - Message Store