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Remote Administration / Using Remote Administration
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    Using Remote Administration
    In This Topic

    To connect to a remote server using MailEnable requires both the local and the remote server to be running a registered copy of MailEnable Enterprise Edition, with the Management Service running and connection to the service available through any proxies or firewalls on the designated port.

    Step 1:  Ensure the Management service is running and available as per the above instructions

    Step 2:  In the administration program, right click the MailEnable Management item in the tree view and select the ‘Connect to MailEnable cluster’ menu item.

    Step 3:  The following dialog will be presented:

    Step 4:  Enter the details in the username, password, server and port fields.  Detailed descriptions are as follows:




    The username on the remote server with permission to login through remote management. 


    The password for the account username provided


    The IP of the remote server.  That is, the IP that the management service is bound to on the remote server.


    The port that the remote server has the IP for remote management bound to.

    Step 5:  Once these details have been entered, select the Login button.

    The remote server can then be managed in the same way as the local server, using the administration program. 

    To confirm if the remote server is connected, ensure that the admin interface server shows the IP of the remote server found in the administration program under the Servers menu icon.

    If the remote server is not visible, please review the connection specifics earlier in this chapter and retry connecting to the remote MailEnable server.