MailEnable Enterprise Guide
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    Web mail properties
    In This Topic

    Right clicking on a host header in the right hand screen under MailEnable Management > Servers > Web mail will then allow the web mail layout to be configured.

    The IIS host details section configures a host header to add to the MailEnable web mail site that is configured under IIS during the initial installation of MailEnable. The host name, IP address and port are added to this site in order to direct users to the web mail.



    Host name

    The host name is the domain name users type in their web browser to access the web mail. You may wish to give the web mail a URL similar to A DNS entry has to be created in order to direct users to the IIS server.

    IP Address

    The address that the host header will be bound to. The DNS entry for the host name has to therefore point to this IP address.


    The port that the host header will listen on


    Set the base (Professional or Enterprise Edition) for web mail


    Set the skin for the web mail interface


    Set the language for the mail interface