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Introduction / What's New in Version 10
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    What's New in Version 10
    In This Topic

    The following section outlines the new functionality provided in Version 10 of MailEnable.

    Desktop Webmail Chat

    Version 10 Webmail now provides an array of chat and real-time messaging capabilities.

    The Webmail client lists online users and allows file sharing/video calls from within the browser. You can also invite third parties to participate in interactive video/audio chat. Chat sessions are fully secured and all communications can be fully encrypted.

    Jabber/XMPP Chat Service

    The XMPP service allows desktop and mobile XMPP/Jabber clients to connect and participate in video calls.

    These clients provide the same functionality as other messaging clients (like Skype/Messenger), however communication can be restricted within your organization and can be encrypted. Desktop users can also install chat/video chat clients (like Jitsi) to provide messaging capabilities.

    Mobile Webmail Video Chat

    Your mobile device can now be used to place video calls, share files and chat with your colleagues.

    MailEnable has integrated JSXC with both mobile and webmail clients. This provides a powerful real time messaging and collaboration solution within the context of your organization. You can also facilitate chat sessions with people who are not registered in your postoffice. If you add a contact who is external then the user will be sent a message providing them with a temporary login and a URL. When the person signs in, they will be visible in your roster and will be able to engage in text and video chat..

    Feature Availability

    Version 10 Features





    Video/Audio Chat     x x
    Screen Sharing     x x
    Multi-User Chat     x x
    Integrated Webmail Chat   x x
    Integrated Mobile Chat   x x x
    XMPP Sockets Chat Service   x x x
    Proxy Authentication for ActiveSync   x x x
    Integrated SOCKS5 Proxy x x x
    Integrated HTTP Upload Service   x x x
    SSL and TLS Support (new for Standard) x x x x
    Email Backup Collection   x x x
    File Transfer Client Bridging for XMPP   x x x
    Improved Webmail Layout/Interface  x x x x
    Webmail Speed Improvements  x x x x
    Allow E-Mail Addresses as User Names  x x x x
    Enhanced Mobile Webmail  x x x x
    SNI Support