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    XMPP - Settings
    In This Topic

    Chat Status


    Disables access to chat.

    Enabled for Everyone

    All mailboxes across the server can access chat service.

    Configured per Postoffice

    Mailbox access to the chat service is controlled at the postoffice level.

    Enable XMPP socket connections This allows chat clients to connect to the chat service using XMPP via port 5222.
    Enable XMPP BOSH connections This allows chat clients to use the BOSH protocol to connect to the chat service. This protocol is mainly used by web based chat clients or ones on mobile devices. This needs to be enabled in order for chat in webmail to function.
    Enable SOCKS5 / bytestream proxy

    This provides a faster and more compatible way of file transfer between chat clients. It supports file transfer using bytestreams and can also act as a intermediary between clients that do no have a common transfer method. This allows you to send files between chat clients that could otherwise not send files.

    Advertise TLS Support Enabling this indicates that users can use a secure connection to the server. This will allow you to support both secure and non-secure connections. Make sure you have an SSL certificate selected in your localhost properties before enabling this option.
    Require TLS Support Enabling this forces any chat client to use a secure connection. Non-secure connections are dropped.

    Synchronize conversations at other locations (XEP-0280)

    This allows conversations to appear on all clients for the account, not just one.

    Allow entities to query time information (XEP-0202) Allows entities to query time information.
    Enable enhanced stream management (XEP-0198) Enables enhanced stream management.
    Allow Client State Indication (XEP-0352) Allows clients to indicate their states (e.g. that they are active or away).
    Allow clients to access chat history/archive (XEP-0313) Allow clients to access chat history/archive.
    Enable Blocking Feature (XEP-0191) Allows JID blocking feature.
    Enable PubSub Feature (XEP-0060) Enables publish/subscribe feature.
    Enable PEP (XEP-0163) Enables personal eventing via pubsub.
    PEP Notify on Presence Does PEP notifications on presence changes.
    Advertise OMEMO Support (XEP-0384)

    Enables OMEMO support. OMEMO support is not available in the webmail chat client.