MailEnable Enterprise Guide
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    Publishing web mail through virtual directories
    In This Topic

    t is also possible to configure which IIS Web Sites can access web mail. To enable web mail access from multiple web sites on the server, a virtual directory can be created under each of the sites on the server.  A utility that does this can be found in the administration program in the following location:

    MailEnable Management | Servers | localhost |Services | WebMail | Properties | General.

    Select the Site Options tab and Configure to bring up the Site Configuration screen.

    This utility appears as follows:

    The utility lists all web sites that are published under IIS. It is then possible to install or remove web mail on each of these sites. 

    Select the web sites to install web mail for by placing a tick in the box next to the site name.  Then select the ‘Install web mail for selected sites’ button.  

    Web mail can be removed from web sites by placing a tick in the box next to the site name and selecting the ‘Remove web mail from selected sites’ button.