MailEnable Enterprise Guide
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    Web mail configuration - General
    In This Topic

    The settings for web mail are explained in the following table:



    Users can configure POP Retrieval for web mail

    Determines whether POP Retrieval is able to be configured in the web mail options tab.

    Users can add a redirection

    Determines whether web mail users are permitted to redirect their mail to alternate addresses.

    Users can change passwords

    Sets whether users can change their password using the web mail interface

    Users can configure auto responders

    Permits web mail users to configure auto responses for their mailbox (for example: Out of Office automatic replies).

    Users can set their display name

    Allows users to specify the friendly name to be used. The friendly name is then edited within the Mailbox properties page under the “Addresses” tab and is also configurable within the web mail interface in the “options” page.

    NOTE: If a friendly name has been set for a mailbox and messages are received within any Email client program  then the friendly name that was set in MailEnable Administration Program or web mail will not be visible because the Email client will use the name set in the account options. The friendly name has been designed to work within the MailEnable web mail interface.

    Display HTML mails in preview window

    This option determines whether HTML mails are shown in the preview window. Setting this option increases the system overhead of MailEnable.

    Create URL and email hyperlinks for plain text messages

    This option instructs MailEnable to render mail messages and hyperlinks in plain text messages as URLs.

    Number of messages per page

    Determines the number of messages that will be displayed per page.

    Height of inbox list

    Sets the height of the inbox list in pixels.

    Default character set

    The default character set that will be used for users who have not set it themselves through their web mail options. By default the character set is US-ASCII which does not cater for extended characters. If emails sent from web mail are missing extended characters or they are displayed incorrectly, it could mean that the user has not configured their character set.

    Default time zone

    The default time zone to be used for users who have not set it themselves through their web mail options. The time zone is taken from the client computer on the login page for web mail.

    Site configuration

    Add and remove web mail from current websites configured on the machine.  For more details, please see the Configuring web mail section.

    If using web mail on a Windows 2003 server, by default users are restricted to a maximum of 200 kilobyte upload. To change this, follow the instructions in Increasing upload limit for Windows 2003.