MailEnable Enterprise Guide
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    In This Topic

    The “Report as spam” web mail option allows web mail users to mark messages as spam and have an action perform on them.

    This action is configured in the administration program either globally or at a post office level. Global settings will override post office settings.

     Under the web mail option there is a new drop down list with the following options:




    Use post office settings     

    Use the post office level setting, 

    Move spam to post office reported folder     

    The post office reported folder is:

    Mail Enable\Post offices\[post office]\mail root\SPAM\Reported

    Move spam to global spam folder

    The global spam folder is the one selected under the Report as spam option.

    Delete message

    Any message that is marked as spam will be deleted.

    Mark the sender IP as spam source   

    Extracts the sending IP address of the message from the headers of the message and creates 2 records in the following locations:



    The SMTP connector (and custom filters) can then use these records to determine whether or not to refuse mail from the IP address.