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    Enable Global address lists

    Makes global address lists visible to web mail clients when a user selects the address “TO…” link in a new message.  Global address lists are created in the administration program.

    Enable Public folders

    This allows usage of public folders within MailEnable. Public folders allow messages to be stored on a postoffice level, so all users in a postoffice have access. It does not allow the storage of calendars or contacts, just emails. Users either have read access or full access to the public folders tree. Permissions for webmail access to the public folder tree can be set globally under the Site Options tab, or at a postoffice level. To do this at the postoffice level, navigate to MailEnable Management->Messaging Manager->Post Offices branch, right click on a postoffice and select the Web Mail tab. Public folders can be disabled for a postoffice under the Message Store tab under the postoffice properties.

    Enable calendaring

    This enables a calendar to be viewed and managed in web mail.  This is not a shared calendar - each mailbox has its own calendar that can be used when logging in.

    Enable tasks Enables or disables the use of tasks for all web mail users
    Enable banner and usage display When enabled, shows an advertising banner in the top right hand corner of the interface. Please see Advertising and campaigns for more information:
    Enable help Enables help links within the web mail interface

    Enable notification of new emails

    MailEnable allows for an alert pop up in the Windows task bar when the web mail inbox has received a new message.  If the alert happens too frequently then the polling interval can be set by changing the value here “Check Every” – “X” number of minutes.

    Enable forgotten password recovery option Enables the forgotten password recovery option. Please refer to the web mail user guide for more information about the Password Recovery option:
    Don't add client IP address to headers When enabled will mask the clients machine within the headers of the message.

    Display HTML mails in preview window

    Selecting a message in the inbox the web mail message will be automatically displayed in the preview window underneath the inbox list.  The main reason for not viewing in HTML would be performance reasons and, in some cases, security.

    Create URL and email hyperlinks for plain text messages

    Enables the underlining and HTML link creation for emails and URLs in a message formatted in plain text format.

    Remove unknown tags and scripts from HTML emails

    This option rebuilds HTML emails to remove any scripting or unrecognized HTML items in order to help prevent exploits or oddities from occurring.

    Prevent the loading of remote images in HTML emails

    When displaying HTML emails, links to external images can indicate to a remote server that you have read the email (so spammers know that it is a valid email address). This option will prevent any image from displaying in an email if the image is not contained within the email itself.

    Display image attachment when viewing a message

    Enables/disables the ability to view message attachments within the message preview pane.

    Show YouTube Previews Will render YouTube video links in messages so that the videos can be viewed within the message.
    Enable Media Player Enables MP3 media player so that MP3 files can be streamed from within a message attachment or within MyFiles storage files.