Mails disappearing

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Mails disappearing

Post by Matth » Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:47 am

At first I did not believe it from colleagues that said mails sent were not delivered. Just now I also had at least two cases where I sent EMails from Outlook and they simply never got delivered, but I have not received an error message or anything the like.

The first one was a reply to a new client request for information. I only realized it today when the client contacted me again asking if I have received his email. When I checked my sent mails, nothing to be found. The mail I had written as a reply is not there.

Then today I had two emails in my outbook folder and I watched how they got sent. One mail showed up in the Sent Items folder, the first one simply vanished into thin air.

I am currently not sure whether it's the Connector for Outlook or if it's a server problem, but this is simply unacceptable. And I need the Connector so that I have also the calendar integration.

I have been using Mailenable since the beginning of this millenium, but with the recent problems coming up I seriously consider dumping this.

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