LDAP for email authorization

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LDAP for email authorization

Postby dmburgess » Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:58 pm

I have a number of TrendMicro IMSVA servers that use LDAP to sync, i can get it to sync with ME by including a username/password with the system, i have read throughout the forums and cannot get the "firewall" LDAP to work. This is a listing of all possible LDAP email addresses for comparison, so that if the mail server does not house that specific e-mail the Spam system rejects it and it never goes though the mail server processing.

I have tried to use the root and rootDN username/passwords, and ALL i get is a invalid DN from my application. This is from my testing app, as well as the logging.

here is my openldap.log

Code: Select all

New debug level from registry is: 256
New config file from registry is: C:\PROGRA~2\Mail Enable\LDAP\slapd.conf
Slapd starting
bind: invalid dn (RootDN)
bind: invalid dn (RootDN)
bind: invalid dn (RootDN)

Here is my slapd

Code: Select all

database   mailenable
suffix      ""
rootdn      "cn=directory manager,o=mailenable"
# Cleartext passwords, especially for the rootdn, should
# be avoid.  See slappasswd(8) and slapd.conf(5) for details.
# Use of strong authentication encouraged.
rootpw      Passwordhidden!

I can get just the local domain, by putting a username/password in for a actual user, however, i need to get everyone. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: LDAP for email authorization

Postby MailEnable-Ian » Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:34 am


I have answered your invalid email in our support box. It would best if you can lodge a valid ticket to move forward as all our support incidences need to be logged. When you lodge the ticket please provide access to the MailEnable server via RDP or Teamviewer. Will help if you can be available at the time so we can access the Trend Micro box and inspect the LDAP configuration settings.

Ian Margarone
MailEnable Support

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