Autodiscover broken

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Autodiscover broken

Postby dcol » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:06 pm

I setup autodiscover correctly with the A and SRV records and setup the correct https bindings in the IIS NETprotocol site with the cert.
Setup the Domain and localhost protocols. I have used and setup autodiscover on other email servers (not ME) and they are working fine.

When the client (Outlook) accesses for a response to the autodiscover request, a 401.5 (access denied) error is returned. This is verified by the autodiscover test verification tools. All ME folders have IME_ADMIN access as well as the application pool identity.

Seems like a bug, or a permissions issue caused by the initial setup of ME. Tried the MEinstaller tools with no success.
Using Enterprise 10.12

Please help. I cannot release this to production until this is resolved.

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